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Tactical Solutions for Veterans, preparedness Enthusiasts, first Responders and concerned Families

Montana Tactical Survival Gear takes pride in being a sought-after distributor of survival gear, camping supplies, military clothing, survival kits, and defensive equipment. Experts indicate citizens need to be prepared for 3 days of no utilities, food, water, medical supplies, clothing, equipment and shelter. We are about helping people to protect themselves and to survive in extreme conditions.

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Tactical Survival Gear in Belgrade, Montana, Montana houses state-of-the-art defensive, hunting, and camping equipment and accessories. The majority of our client base consists of veterans, preparedness enthusiasts, first responders and concerned families. .

Our staff has combined experience of more than 200 years. We have solid ties with the military and are closely connected to West Point, the United States Air Force Academy, and the Marine Corp. We teach defensive, survival and tactical skills at our ranch.

Since launching our business, we have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. Customers comment on the great quality of our products and our fast shipping service. We believe that the customer is always right.  We do everything we can to provide satisfaction. Should any of our products fall short of your expectations, contact us and arrange to send the merchandise back.

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